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Attentive advocacy for criminal defense, injury and family matters

Strong, personalized legal counsel can be the difference between a minor problem and an extended crisis. I founded Jared M. Streich, Attorney at Law to help clients address and resolve their legal issues successfully. From my office in Murfreesboro, I help both Tennessee residents and non-residents understand and assert their legal rights in various types of litigation. Whether you’re facing criminal charges, legal separation from your spouse, divorce from your marriage, or personal injury issues, I will zealously advocate your position and fight to protect your rights. I know that emotional and financial difficulties often accompany legal proceedings, so I make every effort to provide comprehensive counsel to relieve your burden.

Responsive representation and a commitment to personal service

At my firm, you are always more than just a case. Whatever your legal issue, I take the time to thoroughly understand your situation and craft a strategy best suited to your unique circumstances. The impersonal nature of the justice system often makes already difficult circumstances more intimidating. That’s why even in tough times, I strive to make my clients’ experience as positive as possible by:

  • Delivering trustworthy advice — When a legal issue reaches the litigation stage, you can’t afford missteps. I clearly detail your options using my knowledge of Tennessee and federal law.
  • Providing individualized attention – Instead of wondering who is actually handling your case, you can know that I will personally oversee your case. This allows me to better advocate for resolutions suited to your particular needs.
  • Representing you with care – Regardless of the legal challenge you’re facing, I am committed to provide you with peace-of-mind and fight for a favorable outcome.

For each client and case, I am always here to answer questions and deliver the legal support you need and deserve.

Strong advocacy for all types of criminal, divorce and personal injury cases

Jared M. Streich, Attorney at Law assists Tennessee residents in various areas of law, including:

  • Criminal law — If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, you need immediate help to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected. Whether you’ve been accused of a drug crime, DUI or any other criminal conduct, I provide a determined defense.
  • Divorce — Deciding to end a marriage upends every part of your life. I offer compassionate legal advice to help you navigate through the divorce process in pursuit of a fair result and a fresh start.
  • Personal injury — Jared M. Streich, Attorney at Law represents clients who have suffered a personal injury because of someone else’s negligence or misconduct.

I am always focused on achieving the best possible results for my clients — whether that requires a trial, negotiation or another method of resolving your case.

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Jared M. Streich, Attorney at Law represents Tennesseans in cases involving personal injury, criminal defense and family law. The firm’s office is in Murfreesboro. Call 615-617-6464 or contact me online to schedule a meeting.