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I’ll recommend this lawyer

I met Jared after I got picked up on a drug charge. He’s a young and aggressive lawyer. He spent some real time trying to find out about me and everything to do with my case.
I think he’s fair about what he charges because he really puts in the work and cares about what happens to his clients. Now my case has been dropped.
I’m sending people I know to him from now on. Just don’t want it to be me again. Lol

- (5 star review)

Excellent Legal services

Jared dos a great job drawing up my wife and my wills along with other legal documents. He understands the law, and explained everything very clearly and easy to comprehend. Very thorough. Highly recommended

- (5 star review)

Family Estate Planning

My husband and I sought Mr. Streich’s counsel in securing Wills for us both. Mr. Streich took the time to answer any questions that we had, provided the best way to organize our estate between our children (and future children) as well as provide us with topics to discuss in which we had not thought of. Mr. Streich did an excellent job in covering all of our family’s interests and we feel much more secure knowing we have a solid plan in place for the future. We both highly recommend Mr. Streich if you are considering estate planning.

- (5 star review)

Highly Recommended – Extremely Competent – Personable

Great communication. Detail oriented. Mr. Streich will absolutely give his clients 100% of his efforts to further their case and interests. Highly recommended based on his representation of my wife and I on a tort matter.

- (5 star review)

Good lawyer- Sharp and thorough

I needed a living will and will done so I made an appointment with Jared.
He spent an hour or two asking questions and getting to know my situation.
I felt that he really cared about me.
He did a good job and charged me a fair price.
I would use him again and recommend to any friends or family.
Thanks again Jared!

- (5 star review)