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Tennessee Drug Crime Defense Attorney Delivers Strong Advocacy

The prevalence of drugs in American society has led lawmakers to create severe punishments for drug possession and distribution. Being convicted of a drug-related crime in Tennessee may create serious problems in your personal and professional life. You may lose your job, be expelled from school or experience alienation from your family and friends. From his office in Murfreesboro, Jared M. Streich, Attorney at Law has a proven record of getting charges against his clients dropped or reduced, and has been successful at finding rehabilitation programs in lieu of criminal sentencing. If you have been accused of committing a drug-related crime, contact us immediately to set up a consultation.

Knowledgeable Tennessee DUI/DWI Attorney Protects Drivers’ Rights

Throughout Tennessee, law enforcement officials have been expanding efforts to crack down on drunk driving offenses. Being convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated can have serious consequences, including loss of license, higher insurance costs, heavy fines and jail time. Jared M. Streich, Attorney at Law has the knowledge necessary to overcome the evidence against you, and the ability to help you attain the best possible outcome.

Knowledgeable Tennessee Divorce Lawyer Provides Guidance and Advice

The dissolution of a marriage involves crucial decisions about the welfare of your children and the equitable division of your assets. Tennessee attorney, Jared M. Streich, Attorney at Law is experienced in divorce law. He will consider all aspects of your divorce case to develop the best possible solutions.

Personal Injury Law in Tennessee

Jared M. Streich, Attorney at Law will zealously fight to ensure that his clients recover just compensation for their injuries wrongly caused by another.

Experienced Tennessee Assault Lawyer

A conviction for assault, domestic assault, or aggravated assault carries severe penalties and can lead to jail or prison time, a felony conviction, or the loss of rights such as the right to carry a firearm under both federal and state law. Jared M. Streich, Attorney at Law defends individuals in the criminal justice system and is a true advocate for his clients charged with violent crimes.

Tennessee Attorney Defends Clients Against Criminal Allegations

The United States and Tennessee constitutions entitle any person accused of a crime to certain fundamental rights; however, those rights are often lost without the counsel, knowledge, and experience of an effective defense attorney. Jared M. Streich, Attorney at Law is committed to provide the defense to which his clients are entitled and deserve, by pin-pointing any flaws, weaknesses, or inconsistencies of criminal prosecutions. As with every case, Attorney Jared M. Streich will start by gathering the facts and learning the circumstances surrounding the case to develop a comprehensive defensive strategy. Whether resolving your case in court or by negotiating a plea bargain, I will advocate fiercely on your behalf, knowing that your freedom and future are on the line.